D 1.1 Climate and pollution indicators report
D 1.2 Analysis of air pollution indicators
D 1.3 Methodology for climate and pollution indicators

D 2.1 Report on energy efficiency indicators and sustainability
D 2.2 Methodology for measurement and evaluation of energy efficiency indicators and sustainability

D 3.1 Summary report on types of collective buildings and systems for climate control used in the Sudoe territory
D 3.2 Report on best passive solutions for the Sudoe territory and proposal of an intrinsic efficiency evaluation method for the buildings selected for the ARCAS method
D 3.3 Energy and health efficiency of ventilation systems to be integrated in the ARCAS Method
D 3.4 Potential integration of renewable energy and coverage rate

D 4.1 Energy poverty indicators report
D 4.2 Report on energy poverty assessment and action areas in the Sudoe territory
D 4.3 Air quality indicators report
D 4.4 Methodology for air quality assessment in the ARCAS territory

D 5.1 Common methodological framework
D 5.2 Multi-criteria methodology: the ARCAS tool
D 5.3 ARCAS Tool Report

D 6.1 Report on selected pilot buildings
D 6.2 Results of the validation of the ARCAS tool validation
D 6.3 Review and improvements of the ARCAS tool

D 7.1 ARCAS certification guidelines
D 7.2 ARCAS Communication and Certification Management Rules Report
D 7.3 ARCAS user´s manual

D 8.1 ARCAS training programme
D 8.2 Report on the pilot training programme for professionals

D 9.1 Report on results for policy support
D 9.2 Pilot programme against energy poverty